55x40x20 cabin Luggage for carry on airlines

55x40x20 cabin Lugagge for carry onSimply put, 55x40x20 cm  luggage is a category of suitcases that measure 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Read on to learn why these types of bags can be beneficial when you travel

Air travel is designed to make our lives easier and help us get from Point A to Point B in record time, but anyone who’s taken a trip before can tell you that traveling by airplane can also create many stressful situations and hassles that can leave you wishing you had just stayed home. One of the biggest sources of headaches when traveling is dealing with luggage, but the top manufacturers of travel bags and suitcases have introduced solutions to help minimize these problems. By creating luggage styles in key sizes like 55x40x20, brands take the guesswork out of determining whether or not a suitcase is likely to function as a carry-on.

Benefits of 55x40x20cm Luggage Carry-On Baggage

Nowadays, more and more people are using large carry-on’s as their sole form of luggage. 55x40x20 cabin luggage and other types of carry-on bags make it possible to pack all of your essentials for a trip in a single bag. Most airlines are now charging fees per checked bag but still allow passengers to bring carry-on onboard free of charge. By packing your belongings in a suitcase 55 x 40 x 20 in size, you can avoid the paying this fee and have more money available for your trip. In addition 55x40x20 suitcase carry-on eliminate the inconvenience of dealing with lost luggage. When you bring your luggage 55x40x20 carry-on into the cabin, you can be sure it will be there when you land at your destination.

Complications of Carrying on Baggage

Although carry-on bags eliminate many of the hassles that come from checking baggage, they can lead to problems of their own without careful planning. Many passengers make the mistake of trying to take any old suitcase on board a plane to use as a carry-on. Unfortunately, airlines have strict rules regarding the size of bags that can be stowed in the overhead compartment. Many place certain restrictions on the maximum dimensions of bags only allowing hand luggage 55cm x 40cm x 20cm bag styles or smaller bags. On these airlines if you try to board the aircraft with a carry-on bigger than 55x40x20 cm, you are likely to have your bag taken by the flight attendant. You would then have to check the bag and would be responsible for the fee. Fortunately, this can be avoided by selecting only 55x40x20 styles to take with you on your trip on an airline that has a 55x40x20 luggage size requirement for carry-ons.

Airline Regulations

Each airline is free to establish its own maximum size requirement for baggage. 55x40x20 cm is the largest carry-on size allowable for many airlines around the world.

Some of the companies that have set a cabin luggage 55x40x20 limit include:

  • · Aegean Air
  • · Berlin Air
  • · France Air
  • · India Air
  • · Atlas Blue
  • · bmi & bmi Baby
  • · Centralwings
  • · Clickair
  • · Finnair
  • · Garuda
  • · Germanwings
  • · Hapagfly
  • · Korean Air
  • · LOT Polish Airlines
  • · Lufthansa
  • · Malev Airlines
  • · Meridiana
  • · Norwegian
  • · Olympic
  • · RyanAir
  • · Singapore Air
  • · SkyEurope
  • · TAP Polish Airlines
  • · Thomsonfly
  • · Transavia
  • · TUIfly
  • · Vueling
  • · Wizz Air

55x40x20 Suitcase Options

If you’re traveling on one of these airlines, you’ll need to find a 55x40x20 suitcase to give you the maximum amount of storage space while ensuring compliance with the 55x40x20 policy. There are many different types of luggage 55x40x20 styles from which you can choose, including:

· Foldaway Bags like the Cabin Max Foldaway Trolley Bag are a popular 55x40x20 luggage style. This type of suitcase 55x40x20 design actually collapses when not in use. As a result, it does not take up a great deal of storage space the way that some types of suitcase 55x40x20 models can. A foldaway luggage 55x40x20 style is an excellent choice for those who live in apartments, have small closets or prefer to stow their suitcases away under their beds or other furniture.

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· Trolley Bags are another option for carrying on airlines with suitcase 55x40x20 maximum limits. These 55x40x20 bags can be transformed into a trolley. By simply extending a handle, you can roll this type of hand luggage 55x40x20 bag through the terminal at the airport without paying the fee for a luggage cart or bringing your own that must be checked at the gate. Many people benefit from trolley bags like the Cabin Max Berlin and the Karabar Super Lightweight Cabin Approved Luggage Bag, including those with back problems or limited mobility and those who are traveling with small children who will need carried or led through the crowded airport.

· Flight Bags are 55x40x20 cabin luggage inspired by the carry-ons that pilots and flight attendants bring onboard aircraft to take along their personal effects with them when they fly. An example is the 5 Cities World’s Lightest Cabin Size Hold All, which comes in many different colors. This type of 55x40x20 cabin luggage is more similar to a duffle bag, as it has shoulder straps and handles for wearing the bag on the arm or on the shoulder.

Choosing the Right 55x40x20 Cabin Luggage

Because so many different airlines have 55x40x20 cm maximums, this type of baggage is ideal for many travelers, especially those that frequently use the airlines listed above. To decide which type of 55x40x20 style is right for you, spend some time thinking about how you prefer to carry baggage, what you like about your current suitcases and what you wish you could change about your luggage. This will help you to select the very best 55x40x20 luggage for a hassle-free travel experience.

Before you bring along any cabin luggage 55x40x20 style, it’s important to contact the airline prior to your trip. Rules and regulations for carry-on baggage are subject to change without notice to meet the needs of the aircraft, the flight crew and the company. Before your day of departure, always check with the customer service department of the carrier to ensure that hand luggage 55x40x20 models are still acceptable carry-ons. Also, be sure to take any connecting flights into consideration; every airline that you travel on will need to have a maximum baggage of allowance of at least 55x40x20 for luggage 55x40x20 sizes to be allowed in the cabin.

Conversion to Inches 55cm x 40cm x 20cm in Inches is 21.6″ x 15.7″ x 7.8″ and is the Ryanair Baggage allowance limit for 2013